Our flexible and reliable Air Freight Products

Whatever the size, weight or shape - we can transport it for you.

Reliable and efficient delivery of your cargo with World Air Cargo. Our scheduled service has been developed with standard cargo shipments in mind. Our seasoned team of professionals combined with an extensive network provide you with excellent solutions to meet your general airfreight needs. You are assured timely, efficient and secure services on our scheduled and chartered flights across the globe. With us, you are connected to all major business hubs.

World Air Cargo ’s fast, reliable, flexible air freight shipping solutions get your shipments to your customers on time ,every time. Leverage complete track-and-trace capabilities for every shipment and gain high levels of visibility as your shipments are transported to their final destinations.

Air Economy: When speed isn’t everything but you still need the reassurance of an airfreight service then our 96+ hour service is the right choice for you.

  • A great consolidation option where we still maintain the same high service standards, you have full visibility through our Track and Trace system and your PODs (Proof of Delivery) are always available within 24 hours of arrival.
  • A quality product at a cost effective price with a full range of supplemental services if you need them.

Air Connect: Our regular airfreight service with fast delivery in 48-96 hours

  • Direct routing services for shipments with required transit times of 48-96 hours airport to airport
  • We dispatch your shipments on time, with transit times of 48 to 96 hours.
  • Your load is processed as a priority (at both departure and arrival) and tracked in real time.
  • We follow standard clearance procedures and the proof of delivery (POD) is available within 6 hours.

Your priorities are also ours. Team spirit is at the heart of what we do for our customers at World Air Cargo and we drive the synergies which will help you to achieve even the most complex requirements.

Airfreight Plus: Super-fast pick up and transit time 24-48 hour

  • Your shipment is loaded on the first flight out for an Airport to Airport (A2A) guaranteed transit time of 24 to 48h.
  • Speed is not obtained at the expense of the rest: our brokers dedicated to customs clearance support you and lighten your steps.
  • The Track and Trace service allows you to track your shipment, step by step. We guarantee fast processing at departure and arrival; proof of delivery (POD) is provided within two hours of the goods release after their Customs clearance.